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The Storage Manager adds an easy-to-use web-based snapshot tool for you to easily back up and restore data back to any point of time to prevent loss of important data. With files and data being all-important for the long-term success of businesses, IT administrators need all-encompassing solutions for backing up and restoring both important files and the system itself. This operation thus minimizes impact on storage performance.

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The Storage Manager features numerous tools for taking snapshots and restoring files and data as necessary. Individual files can be easily restored if they are accidentally deleted or saved over, and the entire system can be easily reverted to a previous, healthier state if necessary.

Snapshots can be taken by schedule or manually and then backed up to other NAS or servers in order to provide an all-encompassing backup solution. Centrally stores snapshots from multiple NAS.

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Remote snapshots can be cloned as a local volume for data access. File-based LUN creates image files in the file system then shares the space to other devices. As the image files are saved in the file system, its efficiency is limited. The newer Block-based LUN, however, can directly allocate space at the block level.

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Block-based LUN are highly-efficient and ideal for virtualization environments, ensuring servers and virtual machines operate smoothly with additional storage space outside its local storage. Compared with File-based LUN snapshots, Block-based LUN snapshots provide faster snapshots backup and recovery, therefore helping to reduce disaster recovery time while also minimizing potential impact to a business. Snapshots are a must-have feature for modern storage systems. In the event of malware attacks or unwanted changes, your stored data can be quickly reverted and restored to a specific point in time to ensure continuity.

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Check out the difference between QNAP 's snapshot support compared to competitor products. Restoring the same shared folder from a snapshot shared folder only took 3 minutes. Snapshot Manager supports smart snapshot space management that helps control the number of snapshots, and allows starting Snapshot Replica tasks after specified local snapshots are taken. Drag timeline edges to narrow your results. Filters Region. No results found.

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How to Win Friends and Wage Jihad With its wealth of experience and web of historical relationships with regional powers, al Qaeda looks poised to capitalize on the chaos engulfing the Middle East. The U.

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