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The Ohio Youth Arts Awards. Thu, Jan 9.

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Mon, Feb The High Kings. Share The High Kings with your friends. Save The High Kings to your collection. Though she is known throughout the school as a trouble-maker, Mildred very definitely means well, and what I love most is how hard she tries.

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No matter how many times her plans go off-course she never gives up her ambitions to be a good witch. Prioritising her friends above all else, she is good, without being perfect.

Armor of the Dead

Her flaws are proudly on show, and while at times she tries to overcome them, ultimately she accepts herself for who she is. Mildred is loveable because of her flaws and that is certainly something to be celebrated! Posy is mine, the precocious, daydreaming ballerina unable to think beyond her feet. Meanwhile a level-headed friend adores the tomboyish Petrova, who puts up with stage school while pining for automobiles and aeroplanes. What allows us so easily to pledge our allegiance to one or other of the sisters is their incredibly clear knowledge of who they are.

They are decisive in the direction their lives will take, and the success they will achieve in their chosen field. Each has a passion they will pursue relentlessly, and it is these passions which guide, shape, and ultimately, define them for the reader. Skating Shoes introduces us to the pair of young ice skaters destined for fame, Tennis Shoes focuses on the sporting prowess of the Heath siblings, while Travelling Shoes sees musical prodigies step into the limelight.

Yet there are very few children who grow up with as distinct a life plan as the Fossil sisters.

Milo devouring an antler

Rather I harboured ever changing dreams of becoming a farmer, a florist, and, unfortunately, a burglar. The books I read as a child opened my eyes to the infinite opportunities life can offer, with each character bringing to my attention another path that my life as a grown up might take. But then her own career path was far from smooth.

Her first job in a munitions factory gave way for her decade long acting career, before she finally settled into her role as an author, first for adults, and then for younger readers.

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  6. So what do readers gain from her depictions of characters chasing their one true vocation? For me her offer us the chance to momentarily step into another world and try it on for size. And whether or not the goal s of a character become ones we share, in triggering our imagination these stories inspire us to think about what we might want from our own lives.

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    They help us see just how much the world has to offer. They make us curious. They make us want to find the thing that will energise and excite us, even if some of us will take a few wrong turns before we get there. But if not, there are countless other characters out there, just waiting for us to wiggle into their shoes, even if only for the length of a book.

    My parents gave my sister and I lot of freedom to choose the books we wanted to read. The ones that would energise us and make sure we would never visit the town nearest our village without begging to be dropped off outside the library. And this is how reading should be. Pick out the stories that spark our curiosity, search down the characters we want to befriend, and settle down in the landscapes we can dream of moving to.

    However over the past few months I have picked up some of the books I ignored in childhood and been enthralled. There are some books which transform every time we visit them. That in our absence have rewritten themselves and now tell entirely different stories.

    The Living End

    These are the fluid tales. Different passages resonate with us. Previously skimmed images now dominate the page, and, in recompense, once mesmerising sentences go unnoticed. Somewhere between a picture book and a graphic novel, his illustrations evolve from one line on sparse early pages into grand mountainous landscapes. Telling the story of a boy drawn in blue and a girl in red, Hussenot uses colour to portray their respective experiences. Primary-coloured lines whirl around them, as if hastily creating their worlds seconds before they step into it.

    Their love story is told in a series of intertwining colours and lines as these two worlds collide. But it is not a simple romance.

    Milo of Croton

    It has monsters, mystery, battles and pain. It is the richness of this story, combined with the wordless minimalism of its pictures that lends the book its transformative powers. In a few years time when that same child leaves home for the first time it will offer a comforting message. The Land of Lines poignantly captures this as those tangled lines slowly unknot.

    Reading this book in the midst of a break-up will be crushing. Yet it is the perfect accompaniment to wallowing. And then, when a few months have passed it will be time to pick it up again and find something new once more. This time the lasting image will be of the boy striding out for his next adventure, with a new story ahead of him and more lines to cross.

    Yes, this is a book you will find on the shelves for people a lot smaller than you. But no matter what point in your life you have reached, take a visit to the colourful corner of the bookshop and have a look. I promise. Though it is many years since I called myself a child, there are some books which I keep returning to thanks to a blend of nostalgia, comfort and sheer brilliant storytelling.

    The Living End

    This collection of poems is one of only two poetry books I adored as a child. Brimming with surreal stories and bizarre characters, I dipped into this throughout my childhood. Several years later I rediscovered Adrian Mitchell as an adult while studying the Mersey Poets at university. Thanks for the Sardine by Laura Beaumont. I borrowed this book time and again from my local library, and still remember how excited I was the day I found it in their sale of old books.

    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo
    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo
    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo
    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo
    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo
    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo
    Devouring Milo Devouring Milo

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