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I really like the illustrations of the bears too. I think the children would really enjoy the bright and different colors that use in this book. I gave this book a 4 out of 5. The reason why is because i thought it was really good, but it didn't wow me to get all five stars. Like i said before, I think that is book would be a great read-aloud book for preschoolers.

Jun 12, Stephanie H My Bookish Itinerary rated it really liked it Shelves: cutie-pies-shelf , childrens-books , have , read-in This is a cute book to be read with Dads. The book is about Daddy Bear and Little Bear and an adventure they take. Daddy Bear helps and guides Little Bear in doing new things. I think it is a great example of the wonderful relationship between a father and child. This cute story shows how Little Bear is not sure of being able to climb the tree, gather honey or find the right den.

But when he worries about this, Daddy Bear encourages him and then Little Bear does it and thinks about how much he This is a cute book to be read with Dads. But when he worries about this, Daddy Bear encourages him and then Little Bear does it and thinks about how much he loves Daddy Bear.

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The illustrations are adorable and they go well with the story. I think this is a wonderfully cute story that older children could read to their Dad. Or for younger kids to share with Dad. Jun 17, Leah rated it really liked it. Another delightful HEB book. The daddy bear is bringing his son alongside of him and teaching him to do all the things daddy bear does. He encourages little bear each time, and after each new accomplishment and learning a new skill, little bear thinks about how much he loves his daddy.

At the end, little bear is so tired and starts to verbalize he loves daddy, and falls fast asleep, and daddy bear tells him he loves him. A Another delightful HEB book. A precious book encouraging good Deuteronomy 6 teaching your children as you sit down, walk by the way, etc parenting. Sep 13, Alex Wingrove rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens-lit. This book is about a little bear who is growing up. His daddy bear encourages him to try things he hasn't been able to do in the past because he was too small i.

As he gets things wrong, his dad encourages him and tells him what to do better, and at the end he falls asleep while trying to tell his dad he loves him. It brought back memories of my childhood when my dad would encourage me to try new things. My dad died when This book is about a little bear who is growing up. My dad died when I was a senior in high school, so this was good to read to reminisce on the good times we had together. This book would be good to read in class to encourage students to be brave when trying new things, like the daddy bear did with the little bear. Dec 06, Marcie Master rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-lit.

I think this could be "I love you, Daddy", was written by Melanie Joyce. I think this could be read aloud to preschoolers because it is an easy read, the kids would love the message and the pictures.

Oct 22, Jaime Contreras rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens. This is a touching tale of a papa bear encouraging his baby bear son to try new things. The papa bear is understanding and loving and knows he must nudge his slightly fearful son.

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This is a wonderful book that I read to my son. This is so good on so many levels: growing up, supportive parenting, and love. A cute little book. Father bear encourages his son presumably to begin climbing trees and gathering honey.

The little bear is apprehensive but perseveres due to his father's advice. After each event, little bear states he loves his father. His father loves his son too. Not highly emotional as it is a short straightforward read, but there's a gulp at the end. Feb 18, Molly Toomey rated it liked it Shelves: adventure , animals , coming-of-age , fathers , nature , picture-book.

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When a little bear tries to figure out things on his own and act like a grown-up bear, he finds that he is not able to accomplish all that he thought. He needs some help from his father bear. This book would be wonderful for little ones who are trying to figure things out but can't quite t it on their own. It also shows children that there's nothing wrong with accepting help from others.

Books like this are so informational for children and hold such a wealth of knowledge. I really enjoy reading books, like this one and many others to my children, for if you start them young then they will grow to have a love for reading and adventure! Feb 28, Victoria rated it really liked it. I loved the illustrations, and of course the story is very cute! Baby bear goes on an adventure and with Daddy's help, he learns many new things. This would be a great story to read and students can share what activities they do with their father or mother. Nov 27, Brionna Barcolleh rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-shelf , fiction , character-building , reading-level.

This book is a easy reader and promotes building character. It portrays a positive image of a baby bear loving one of his first loves, his father. The book is filled with encouraging words and lots of love! This is a great bedtime book filled with a nice soothing story and accompanying artwork.

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This paints a great picture for father and child alike for building a bonding relationship with each other. Very personable and loving read. May 01, Duane Donecker added it. My 6 year old son gave this to me today. Honestly this is a great little book. Hats off to Jillian Harker and Kristina Stepenson. Oct 02, Q rated it liked it Shelves: kids , childrens , fiction , picure-books , family.

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My 3yo loved this book. I have read it many times to her. Little bear loves his daddy. His dad is trying to teach him different things that bears do. Jan 26, The Book Box added it Shelves: own. Daddy read this to me this morning before he left for work. Mijn 5-jarige kiest dit vaak uit de boekenkast.

Hij vindt dit een prachtig boek.

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Dec 07, Adrienne Colbert rated it it was amazing Shelves: animals , emotions , family. Cute tale of a sweet father son relationship. Apr 25, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books , science-fiction.

powerbadges.com/qexyv-iphone-xr.php This was a really cute book. I like it because it shows a healthy relationship between a father and son. Wonderful for children to read with their family. Roel Cano rated it it was amazing Jun 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Jillian Harker. Jillian Harker. I think this was Louis attempting to show both sides of an argument.

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There's the classic Dave Chappelle "how old is 13 really? This whole conversation can be viewed as a stand-in for Louie's indiscretions, it's an argument we've seen many times now since , especially on this sub: there's the "Louie shouldn't have done it, period" view, and the "those women should've left the room! That woman shoulda hung up the phone on him! Rebecca Corry is complaining about nothing! China and Leslie's relationship is about the fluidity of morality in society and the shit we don't talk about, etc.

It's also worth noting that Louis CK is a fan of Eric Rohmer he made a remake of a Rohmer film with Chris Rock once , who explores morality in his work as well. I think it's fairly obvious. Leslie's kink is not really having sex with the girls, it's everything but that. He's sort of like a vampire, taking in their energy and shit. In an interview Louie once said that the original scene had China being a lot more sexually assertive, and it was sort of weirding everyone out at table reads and Chloe Grace Moretz said something like, "Wow, China needs to chill!

I think it works better the way we see it in the movie: it was never really about the actual act of having sex itself, it was more about toying with the idea of it, etc. Anyway sorry for this long ass post, I didn't intend for this but I'm very passionate about Louie's work lol. I love Louies stand up.

I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy I Want You Daddy
I Want You Daddy

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