Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2

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Sacrificial logics: Feminist theory and the critique of identity , New York : Routledge. Is there any way of affirming any kind of women's identity without repressing the differences of race, class, culture, sexual orientation and so on, which divide women without re-inscribing the oppressive institutions through which gender identity has been constituted, and without denying the wide historical and cultural variation of what the concept of women means?

In this paper, space represents an organized material dimension of working life when placed in contrast to the notion of space as a fluid, decontextualized arena where discourses and identities are simply performed in honour of regulation or governance. Here I am suggesting, like Doreen Massey, that space is one social form characterized by a particular set of socio-cultural and material conditions which play a part in reproducing particular ideas about female workers in specific disciplines.

See Dillabough and Acker Dillabough, J. Yet what is intriguing about Bourdieu's work despite its decidedly continental overtones is that it highlights the power of an analysis of the social world in exposing how such symbols are embedded in everyday practice. It is this concern with social analysis and the need to expose the processes which lead to social and cultural reproduction which are important to the author of this article. Yet, as I attempt to show, such static social forms are also challenged by a variety of changing forces, such as de-traditionalization, globalizing reforms, and the rise of novel political affiliations with the state.

See also Steadman Steedman, C. Data from teacher educators who were both permanent faculty and contract researchers are reported herein. This data source is presented here with the permission of Sandra Acker, the Principal Investigator PI on the Canadian research project. A small portion of the analytical work in this paper serves as an extension of related published work Dillabough, Dillabough, J.

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Gender politics and conceptions of the modern teacher: Women, identity, and professionalism. British Journal of Sociology of Education , 20 3 : — In Challenging democracy: International perspectives on gender, education and citizenship , Edited by: Arnot, M. London : RoutledgeFalmer. A small sample of the quotes in the data analysis section of this paper have appeared in Dillabough Dillabough, J.

I am indebted here to my colleague, Andre Mazawi, for his insight regarding the inter-textuality embedded in the corresponding quote. Three quotes have been drawn from data collected in the Traditions and Transitions project. The PI, Sandra Acker, permitted the use of these quotes here. De-traditionalization refers to Beck's Beck, U.

One of the female participants was interviewed by S.

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Acker in Traditions and transitions in teacher education Acker et al. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search.

Submit an article Journal homepage. Pages Men often decide to become nurses for self-actualization or survival needs, or simply because their original plans did not work out. However, there are a handful of men who decide to become nurses and start their studies with that goal in mind. Unfortunately, when men enter the field of nursing, they encounter many barriers that limit their choice of specialty. They run the risk of being labeled and stereotyped. These gender biases and role stereotyping occur because of the fact that nursing facilities are often composed mainly of women.


Nursing tends to be identified with feminine style of care. Stereotyping of men is related to nursing being considered a profession for women. Male nurses report:. Other questions are often asked of male nurses such as 'why did you go into nursing'? Or they are asked if they are gay , failed medical school, or became a nurse because it was easier. Sometimes a male nurse can be asked if he is nurse so that he can see undressed women.

Nursing supervisors tended to ask patients if it was alright to assign a male nurse to provide care. Male nurses have reported bias directed toward them during their studies. They experienced anxiety, insomnia, anger, and trepidation in anticipation of being treated poorly. Another difficulty that male nurses face is that they are passed over for work with female patients, or they are not allowed on birthing or gynecological units. This is concerning due to the fact that male doctors are completely welcome in these situations.

In addition, male nurses find that they are pushed toward tasks that are stereotypically consistent with their gender role. Some of these might include heavy lifting, administrative roles, or psychiatric nursing. Female patients are often treated differently from men. Women have been described in studies and in narratives as emotional and hysterical.

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Aside from these research focuses, clinical research mainly used male subjects, but apply results to both genders. Because of this, some physicians assume that women should be assessed and receive identical treatments as men. Narratives include the reporting that women's complaints are considered exaggerated and may be assumed to be invalid.

Clinicians are not as likely to assess women for substance abuse as often as they assess men. They also tend to miss signs of substance addiction in women. Women are not as likely as men to be assessed for alcohol abuse. Out of those women who are found to have an alcohol problem, they were found to be less likely to be referred for treatment. Those women in the childbearing years are prescribed more prescription medications than men.

It is generally more common for women to be prescribed antipsychotic s and opioids. Women report feeling like they were 'silly' by male physicians but female physicians were more sensitive and preferred. Sex-selective abortion is the medical procedure or treatment that terminates a pregnancy when the baby is an undesired gender. The abortion of female fetuses is most common in areas where the culture values male children over females.

Sex selective abortion has been heavily utilized in numerous Asian countries. A British medical journal stated: "Compared with the normal ratio of about 95 girls being born per boys which is what we observe in Europe and North America , Singapore and Taiwan have 92, South Korea 88, and China a mere 86 girls born per boys. When individuals encounter the medical field, many are in vulnerable states in their lives, whether that be because of illness, injury, death, etc.

Both men and women experience this vulnerability, and must entrust their bodies and lives into the hands of practitioners. Men and women could still have varying outcomes and repercussions to mistreatment within this system. Specifically for women, there is a strong association between their physical form and their femininity. In her book, The Cancer Journals, Audre Lorde speaks about her unpleasant experiences as a breast cancer patient and her struggle towards finding strength within after undergoing a mastectomy. Some women are given the option to use prosthesis, but Lorde highlights that this "treatment" aligns with the idea that perfection of the female body must be essential to the female identity.

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Most clinical trials published before included no women and so many older medications on the market were never evaluated for their effects and side effects on women. In the s and s "women's health' was mostly considered only as reproductive health , and women who were capable of bearing children were excluded from clinical trials to avoid any risk to a potential fetus.

The NIH responded with policy changes in , but a Government Accountability Office report in found that women were still being excluded from clinical research. That report, the appointment of Bernadine Healy as the first woman to lead the NIH, and the realization that important clinical trials had excluded women led to the creation of the Women's Health Initiative at the NIH and to the federal legislation, the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act, which mandated that women and minorities be included in NIH-funded research.

A review by the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use found that regulation in the US, Europe, and Japan required that clinical trials should reflect the population to whom an intervention will be given, and found that clinical trials that had been submitted to agencies were generally complying with those regulations.

The FDA published a study of the 30 sets of clinical trial data submitted after , and found that for all of them, information by sex was available in public documents, and that almost all of them included subanalyses by sex. As of , recruiting women to participate in clinical trials remained a challenge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Annals of Surgery.

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A Companion to Applied Ethics. London: Blackwell. International Journal of Women's Dermatology. The Washington Post. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration. Minority Nurse. Retrieved 10 April Verily Magazine. Schneiderman, and R. Huffington Post. Topics in Health Information Management.

Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2 Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 2

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