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So guess where this gruesome tale comes from? What to wear with your Baby Toupee. My mother-in-law saw this in a magazine she was given on the Tokyo subway and sent it over. If she's trying to arouse a maternal instinct in me, it's Contest: Er, actually, there isn't one. There's no contest this week, since it's not really a week so much as three days.

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You can also gather from this that there will be no blogging on Thursday and Friday, as I personally plan to spend both days passed out on a tryptophan overdose. But check back next Monday for the opportunity to win free Talking turkey. Here's everything you'll need to impress Uncle Phil at the dinner table tomorrow, courtesy of infoplease: At one time, the turkey and the bald eagle were each considered as the national symbol of America.

Benjamin Franklin was one of those who argued passionately on behalf of the turkey. Franklin felt the turkey, although "vain and silly", was a better choice than the bald eagle, whom he felt was "a coward". According to the U. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and Before the stork brought Dumbo I know I'm going a little overboard with the Amazing Animal Photos today, but check out these new pictures of an elephant in utero!

These were taken at 6 and 12 months' gestation; the bun stays in the oven for two Someone alert Aquaman! The following story has dolphins, music, and a superhero. There is absolutely nothing I can add that would make it any more sublime: It turns out that dolphins have the capacity to sing sweet melodies.

To demonstrate this, researchers taught a dolphin to sing the greatest musical composition of our age: the theme from "Batman. How not to eat your Thanksgiving turkey. In astonishing footage for the BBC's Planet Earth series, the 12ft shark is seen swallowing its victim in virtually a single gulp. Such is the impact as it blasts through the surface from the deep that both hunter and prey fly six feet clear of the The iPod of kitchens.

I was so, so excited when I got my first apartment with a dishwasher. But now I feel a little outdone: Architect and design guru Zaha Hadid continues her non-stop ruling of all things craftable. The Z. Island has two areas labeled "Fire" for cooking and "Water" for the washing area. Also incorporated is a special heating membrane, interactive technology features such as touch We've always thought that friend-of- mental-floss John Green has the best taste in music. Not only does his ringtone sound like the Super Mario theme, he has the best.

Yeah, we're almost Anyway, the guy who sings that oh-so-wonderful reworked tribute to the gluteus maximus popped up on another friend-of-mental-floss website, bunnyshop, the other day. So we feel we can no longer ignore him. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jonathan Coulton. One if by land, two if by sea, three if by salamander. The husband just came across what may be the best misappropriation of language ever, ever: from Victor Davis Hanson's Ripples of Battle: "The Okinawa landings may have been the most most ambitious amphibian assault in the history of warfare.

Attention, Albert Broccoli: New Bond movie ideas! Now that we've seen "Casino Royale," we're getting psyched for the next Bond movie, which according to winner 1, Sheldon Siegel, will have a title in keeping with the rest of the Bond catalogue: "Golden Shower. Beer budget, Champagne vocabulary. We all know that real Champagne is from Champagne, and the rest is just sniff! But if you're seeking to out-pedant your relatives this Thanksgiving, you'll need to go a bit further than that.

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Throwing around the following words, which I found in of all places the Amtrak in-ride magazine, may help: Remueur: The individual responsible for turning and upending the bottles, enabling the yeast cells to make their way toward the neck of the bottle.

Degorgement: The process by which the The Game of the Last Century. We're still feeling a bit let down by Saturday's so-called "Game of the Century". Sure, it was a relatively close game, but we didn't see any mind-blowing plays or bone-crushing hits like we were hoping for. So for solace, we've turned to another Game of the Century.

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If we ever get our hands on a time machine we're going back for this one: On October 7, , Georgia Tech played Cumberland in Atlanta. Tech won to 0, the worst walloping in the history of American college football. There was a worse Today's the big day for Casino Royale, and with our make-up-your-own-Bond-movie contest going strong there's still time to enter! We're getting an extra Bond post today, because presumably half our readership are women who are wondering how they, too, can convincingly pretend to be James Bond. Needless to say, The Book of Bond does not cover this.

We Heart the Huckabees. Here's the problem with moving out of the governor's mansion: you can't take it with you.

So the couple needs some serious housewarming gifts. So the Huckabees, who have been married for 32 years, quite logically created "wedding registries" at Dillard's and Target. However, whether you really World's worst sound. No, it's not your alarm clock. Trever Cox, a professor at the University of Salford Acoustic Research Centre, wants you to listen to 30 awful audio clips and vote on which is the most headache-inducing: Fingernails scraping down a blackboard This is what this website is trying to find out.

Tom Pauly was an accomplished neonatalogist who was respected for his unique brand of teaching and specializing in several areas of neonatal medicine.

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Thu, Nov 7, 8: 00am. More Kentucky Pages. You can also view highlights from our past conferences. Writers conferences to consider for and beyond NAFCU credit union conferences are some of the most highly-rated and respected education opportunities in the credit union community. IASA encourages proposals in diverse formats, including round tables, debates, workshops, teaching sessions, and performances. Educators Rising Kentucky, formerly known as Future Educators of America FEA , is the non-profit student club organization for middle and high school students interested in the field of education-related careers.

Audio and video from the conference are now available on the schedule page. This annual event includes seminars, networking, activities, and exhibitions. Savor the Spirit of RCA. He joined the department in , as a volunteer.

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Louisville, KY. December , Embassy Suites Covington, KY The Green Industry and Equipment Expo is the largest trade show for outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden equipment, light construction and landscape equipment. Created in , Leadership Kentucky Foundation is a non-profit educational organization which brings together a selected group of people who possess a broad variety of leadership abilities, career accomplishments, and volunteer activities to gain insight into complex issues facing the state. Fairley, resident bishop of the Louisville Area. As always, it is our goal to be the premier professional development and business networking organization for commercial real estate practitioners in the state of Kentucky.

Please contact Lisa Ezell at lisa. January 31 - February 1, Learn More.

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Get instant access and join 2, educators from around the world. Covington, Kentucky. October , The Dentists Supply Company. Your search returned 71 results. Kentucky Affordable Housing Conference. Thoughtful, biblical, and thoroughly entertaining, Bob encourages writers and believers with his message of hope and inspiration.

Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets
Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets Mental Floss: Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets

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