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Tax Free shopping countries

Planet Intelligence reports. Join Planet. Contact Us. Track my refund. We are sorry but barcode number: was not found in our system.

VAT Refunds

We're waiting to receive your stamped Tax Free form. We will update your tax refund status once we receive it. We're processing your tax refund. You can also download the Planet App to track your refund from your mobile at any time. Please contact us. Tax Refund Customer Services.

Your refund has been paid! If you have not been paid after 5 days, please email us at customerservices planetpayment. Track your refund, access countries rules and store locations and much more via the Planet app. Tax Free shopping countries. Minimum spend: Time limit for customs approval: 90 days after the month of purchase.

Time limit for customs approval: 3 months after the month of purchase for credit card refund, or 21 days from the date of purchase for immediate refund. Minimum spend: No minimum spend. Time limit for customs approval: 3 months after the month of purchase; 21 days from the date of purchase for City Cash Refund. Minimum spend: 25 Euro 30 Euro for books on the same day and in the same store.

Time limit for customs approval: 3 months after the month of purchase. Currency: GBP. Minimum spend: 25 GBP. Time limit for customs approval: To be obtained within three months after the month of purchase.


Currency: Dirham. Minimum spend: dirhams. Time limit for customs approval: 90 days from the purchase date. Actual tax refund values are subject to Terms and Conditions. More detail for each country can be found by clicking below. For any queries, please contact our multi-lingual Customer Services team.

Instant Refunds, Fast Refunds or Standard Refunds all in-store , or at over refund points in City Centres or airports of all major touristic cities. Tax refund locations. Remember to get your forms validated at customs before you depart.

Barcelona - Barcelona Tax Free shopping - How it works. Global Blue

Every store for all our partner brands. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Planet website. TFS is subject to national regulations, such as minimum spend and restrictions on the types of products on which it can be claimed. Refunds can only be claimed on goods which are exported. However, buying goods tax free does not mean travellers are exempt from paying applicable taxes on their purchases when they get home.

Travellers resident in a country outside the EU, can shop tax-free at shops outside EU airports. The traveller pays the VAT over goods in the shop and can request a refund when leaving the European Union with the goods. General restrictions are that a traveller must be a resident in a non-EU country, has a maximum stay of 6 months when visiting the EU, purchases are made up to three months prior to export, and only goods meant for personal use are eligible for the refund.

Travellers need to keep the purchase receipts and visit Customs before leaving the EU to get an export validation stamp.

These states are celebrating tax-free holidays just in time for back-to-school shopping

Receipts can then be sent back to the retailers for a refund request. Each country in the EU has a different VAT rate which is reclaimable, and most have a minimum purchase amount restriction however there are exceptions. Tax free shopping is now a benefit which can be enjoyed by all non EU residents visiting Spain, and no longer just for affluent travel shoppers, purchasing luxury goods. Furthermore, in January it became compulsory for all retailers to support travel shoppers in the process of reclaiming VAT refunds.

This initiative has been introduced by the Spanish government to boost the travel and retail sectors.

Tax Free shopping countries

There is now an added emphasis on retailers to work with tax-free operators to educate international shoppers on the benefit whilst supporting them in reclaiming their tax refunds. Some jurisdictions in the United States allow a refund of sales tax to foreign tourists upon leaving the country. Tax-free shopping is a privilege enjoyed by all residents of United States jurisdictions without sales taxes, but through so-called "remote" sales—including sales to visiting out-of-state residents, sales via catalog, and sales via Internet—customers in a sales taxed jurisdiction may also make purchases in sales tax-free jurisdictions, notwithstanding the legal requirement to pay the equivalent compensatory use tax in their home state.

The Christiana Mall near Newark, Delaware attracts shoppers from the nearby states of Maryland , New Jersey , New York , and Pennsylvania looking to save money on purchases from not having to pay sales tax.

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The Apple Store at the Christiana Mall claims to sell more iPhones than any other location in the chain due to Delaware's lack of sales tax. Many purchasers are unaware of the obligation to pay the tax, or file the necessary return, or of the fact that it is not the duty of a merchant to collect it from them and pay it indirectly.

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  • However, it is the purchaser's obligation to pay it directly to the state, often in connection with filing their annual income tax return. The liability of any non-exempt resident of a US state with a sales tax for payment of the equivalent use tax when purchasing goods from another state or country through mail-order , by telephone or through the Internet should not be confused with the issue of direct Internet taxes levied on Internet services themselves, such as bit taxes, bandwidth taxes, franchise taxes , and email taxes.

    Most such levies are banned until by the Internet Tax Freedom Act Amendment Acts of which extends the provisions in the federal Internet Tax Freedom Act beyond its original expiration. Goods that would be taxable at home are taxable at the same rate when taken home or delivered, regardless of where or how they were purchased. Numerous local sales tax and use tax exemptions exist according to taxpayer status for example, there exist exemptions for charitable organizations , exemptions based on size of purchase e.

    Even customers from jurisdictions that levy sales taxes can in theory have additional tax liabilities when shopping in neighboring no-tax or lower-tax jurisdictions.

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    For example, if an adjacent state has a slightly lower tax rate than the purchaser's home, that shopper could face an additional tax burden even though the purchase was already taxed at the point of sale. The difference in tax rates is referred to by collecting authorities as "tax discount". Taxing jurisdictions generally extend an exemption from use tax to commercial taxpayers that purchase business stock.

    Duty-free: who is concerned and how to proceed

    This type of exemption applies to goods purchased tax-free for resale, but lapses if the goods are converted to use by the company itself for example, a company car, office supplies, and cleaning supplies. When those customers are residents of a US state having sales taxes on such goods, the VAT or GST taxes paid might be used as a credit against the amount of use tax otherwise owed, unless excluded, such as in Massachusetts. However, when a post-travel refund of the VAT or GST is claimed, the purchaser's home taxing jurisdiction can then assert a claim for the full sales tax liability.

    Despite the fact that most shoppers are unaware of their use tax obligations, there are potentially severe penalties for willful tax evasion. Any online, telephone mail-order, or traveling shopper who makes "tax free" purchases could be successfully prosecuted for evading state use taxes if he or she willfully fails to file the necessary return and pay the required tax, or intentionally omits the information from a required annual return.

    When a taxing jurisdiction enforces use tax liability, it often also seeks additional penalties and interest accrued for failure to timely remit the necessary tax return and tax payments, as well as possible perjury for omissions on official forms filed. The statute of limitations on taxes due may not begin to run until and unless a required tax return is filed.

    Some states also provide a "safe harbor" scale of use tax that is most likely owed by every taxpayer, based upon the taxpayer's adjusted gross income.

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