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I recall one faculty meeting many years ago where an older professor was complaining about the quality of the current crop of graduate students. I disagreed with just about everything he said, but at least he was smart! Do you think there are any differences when pursuing knowledge from a Christian worldview or a secular worldview? TM: In one sense, yes; in another, no. We want to get it right, to believe what is true and not what is false. And I think that most secular philosophers the good ones, anyway would concur in something like this definition. But to be a Christian is to believe — and ideally, to be persuaded — that certain metaphysical claims are true.

If you are persuaded of the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, and the fallenness of man, then this set of beliefs will and should shape your search for answers to other questions. ZS: What do you think about the future of academic freedom? In our society that claims to be tolerant yet demonizes those who disagree, do you think that Christians in academia are going to have a harder time exercising that freedom?

TM: Candidly, yes. I think the horizon is very dark right now, and we in the United States may be entering into an era of for us unprecedented intolerance for Christian beliefs, particularly in the universities. There has long been at least lip service paid to broad-minded tolerance of diverse viewpoints. But under the present circumstances, I fear that we may be seeing the limits of tolerance.

From a legal standpoint, we may see the collapse of longstanding bulwarks against coerced political speech. Increased risk of vascular disease associated with gout: a retrospective, matched cohort study in the UK clinical practice research datalink.


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Fatigue as a precursor to polymyalgia rheumatica: an explorative retrospective cohort study. Response to: 'Risk of vascular disease with gout: overadjustment of the statistical analyses? Prevalence of female urinary incontinence and its impact on quality of life in a cluster population in the United Kingdom UK : a community survey.

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  4. The association between GP consultations for non-specific physical symptoms in children and parents: a case-control study. Monitoring Osteoarthritis: A cross sectional survey in general practice in press.

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