The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books)

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New York: Henry Holt, Scott Fitzgerald, one of the major American writers of the twentieth century, is a figure whose life and works embody powerful myths about the American Dream of success.

Exploring the themes of class, wealth, and social status through the story of the self-made, self-invented millionaire Jay Gatsby and his pursuit of the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, Fitzgerald takes a cynical look at the pursuit of wealth among a group of people for whom pleasure is the chief goal. Scott Fitzgerald — The Great Gatsby. Langston Hughes was one of the greatest poets of the Harlem Renaissance, a literary and intellectual flowering that fostered a new black cultural identity in the s and s. After the awards ceremony, the writer and photographer Carl Van Vechten approached Hughes about putting together a book of verse and got him a contract with his own publisher, Alfred A.

Langston Hughes — The Weary Blues. New York: Knopf, Depicting the post-Civil War decline of the once-aristocratic Compson family, the novel is divided into four parts, each told by a different narrator. William Faulkner — The Sound and the Fury. New York: J. Cape and H. Smith, Dashiell Hammett — Red Harvest. Until Irma Rombauer published Joy of Cooking , most American cookbooks were little more than a series of paragraphs that incorporated ingredient amounts if they were provided at all with some vague advice about how to put them all together to achieve the desired results.

Rombauer changed all that by beginning her recipes with ingredient lists and offering precise directions along with her own personal and friendly anecdotes. It has been revised and updated a number of times, including as a seventy-fifth anniversary edition published in A facsimile of the original edition was also issued at that time. Irma Rombauer — Joy of Cooking. Margaret Mitchell — Gone With the Wind.

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William F. Margaret Mitchell holding her book , Gone With the Wind , ca. Dale Carnegie — How to Win Friends and Influence People. New York: Simon and Schuster, Inc.

Although it was published in it was not until the s that Their Eyes Were Watching God became regarded as a masterwork. It had initially been rejected by African American critics as facile and simplistic, in part because its characters spoke in dialect.

Zora Neale Hurston — Philadelphia: J. Lippincott, The project employed more than 6, writers, and was one of the many programs of the Works Progress Administration, a Depression-era federal government program designed to assist millions of unemployed Americans. These travel guides cover the lower forty-eight states plus the Alaska Territory, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Idaho: A Guide in Word and Pictures.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Our Town is among the most-performed plays of the twentieth century. Those who see it relate immediately to its universal themes of the importance of everyday occurrences, relationships among friends and family, and an appreciation of the brevity of life.

Thornton Wilder — New York: Coward McCann, Few novels can claim that their message led to actual legislation, but The Grapes of Wrath did just that. Its story of the travails of Oklahoma migrants during the Great Depression ignited a movement in Congress to pass laws benefiting farm workers.

When Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize in , the committee specifically cited this novel as one of the main reasons for the award.

Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 2 : L. Frank Baum :

John Steinbeck — The Grapes of Wrath. New York: Viking Press, Carol M. Highsmith b. Grapes of Wrath Billboard along a California Highway , between and Prints and Photographs Division , Library of Congress The famous step program for stopping an addiction has sold more than 30 million copies. Millions of men and women worldwide have turned to the program co-founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith to recover from alcoholism. The "Big Book," as it is known, spawned similar programs for other forms of addiction.

Shown here is the third edition. The book is now in its fourth edition. Third Edition. Hemingway used his experiences as a reporter during the war as the background for his best-selling novel, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and became a literary triumph. Based on his achievement in this and other noted works, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in Jason Fry.

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List of Oz books

Andrew Davenport. The Wiggles. L Frank Baum. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Delve deeper into the world of Oz in this collection of books four through six in L. Frank Baum's classic American fairy tale series. The fourth, fifth, and sixth titles of the iconic Oz series, now in one collection!

In Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard visit the center of the Earth, where people are vegetables, glass houses grow, and Oz characters reappear. Eventually they return to the Emerald City--but will they stay? Will they reach the Emerald City in time for Ozma's birthday? They set out of explore the land of Oz with the help of Dorothy's friends, but must rush home again when they discover that the Nome King is busy gathering an army for an invasion of Oz. Will they be able to stop the invasion? People who bought this also bought.

Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 1 L. Add to basket. Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 3 L. Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 4 L. Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 5 L. Who Was William Shakespeare? Disney: Descendants Box Set Book Stick Man Julia Donaldson. Bluey Bluey. Skip to main content. Filter 2.

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Shop by Subject. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. The Tin Woodman of Oz. Frank Baum , Later Printing? Color Illus.

Baum, L. Ozma Of Oz By L. See similar items. Robert Sabuda, L. Frank Baum.

The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books) The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books)
The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books) The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books)
The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books) The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books)
The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books) The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books)
The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books) The Complete L. Frank Baum Collection (33 books)

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