The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town

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The Children of Manson, by Catherine Bell

The situations are both building up in their own way, and erupt when their two paths collide, with catastrophic consequences.

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What is the greatest joy of writing for you? I love the fact that there are no limits, in any aspect of fiction writing. You can change the world, and the people; you can create and destroy What do your fans mean to you? Every time someone tells me they have enjoyed reading my work, I get an indescribable feeling. Its quite emotional really; pride, accomplishment, but also I'm humbled that someone has taken the time to read something I have created.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to look at my work. It really does mean the world to me. Smashwords Interviews are created by the profiled author, publisher or reader. Words: 4, Language: English. Published: March 15, A collection of horrifying short stories straight from the depths of Sinister Town 1. The Doktor 2. The Leprosychaun 3.

The Death Rattle 4. Sinister Lake. Words: 43, Published: September 8, Would you allow an aggressive disease to spread? Would you watch with indifference as it devastated its host? I have a choice. And I, along with my Family, choose to act. Pass the rose under my nose three times and I will wake as if I have been in a very deep slumber.

Make sure you bring me some clothes to wear. Soon after La Rose was taken out and shot. He went from one inn to another drinking and merrymaking with his friends. Now and then he remembered his promise to La Rose but only for a short time. However, after a few more drinks he either forgot again, or thought to himself that La Rose was surely better off dead than suffering the grief and weariness of the world and carried on with his drinking. Of course with so much money in his pocket many of his old friends appeared and he found himself surrounded by new ones whom he spent his money on.

When all of the money was gone they all disappeared and left him to reflect on his behaviour. Feeling ashamed he again remembered his promise to La Rose. Finding himself a pick-axe and some clothes for his dead friend he went to the cemetery to carry out his promise. Striking the earth with the pickaxe the earth peeled back, just as he had been told.

When he looked in the grave and saw his dead friend wrapped in his shroud his nerve failed him and he ran off. After a stiff drink he summoned the courage to return. Taking the rose from the silver casket he passed it under the nose of La Rose three times. La Rose sat up and yawned as if he had been in a deep slumber just like he said he would. Hastily, he took the casket and the rose back and dressed himself and the two of them left the cemetery.

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After his resurrection, without money and no roof over his head, La Rose was obliged to look for ways to earn a living. He took many menial, low-paid jobs to make ends meet and one day while wandering the streets looking for work he heard the beating of a drum. He followed it to the town square where the Town Crier stood on the steps of the town hall about to make an announcement. Naturally, this piqued the attention of La Rose thinking it sounded too good to be true. Nevertheless, La Rose was desperate and decided he would apply, which he did and was accepted.

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Naturally, La Rose was dismayed and thought about quitting the post but decided he would give it a try anyway as life to him at this time seemed not worth living. The guard duties were duly allotted to the new recruits and it fell to La Rose that he take the third turn at guarding the chapel. The first guard went on duty on the first night and was never found in the morning.

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On the second night it was the same with the second guard. The third night came and La Rose fearfully took up his post in the sentry box at the chapel. As time wore on he could feel fear creeping up on him and again he thought of running. He was about to do so when terrible voice called him by his name.

La Rose! Where in the world are you now, La Rose? Very soon the most terrible beast will leap out of the chapel and it will look to kill you. At the stroke of eleven place your musket against the sentry box and climb on top of the box and the beast will not harm you. When he heard the chapel clock strike eleven he placed his musket against the sentry box and climbed on top. I will devour you when I find you! As it cried out it seized the musket in its teeth and tore it into a thousand pieces and then vanished.

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La Rose looked down from the top of the sentry box terrified. When the beast had gone he climbed down to look at the crumbled remains of his musket. He was the only sentinel who had ever survived one night guarding the chapel. When the news was given to the king he was delighted and full of hope. The next night La Rose took up his station at the chapel equipped with a new musket. Time passed and again he heard the same voice he had heard the night before.

This time it told him to place his musket against the door of the chapel and hide behind the sentry box. La Rose did exactly as he was told. At the stroke of eleven the beast leapt screaming from the chapel and grabbed his musket and bit it into thousands of pieces and then quickly returned to the chapel leaving him unharmed. The third night came and once again La Rose heard the voice. This time it told him that when the beast issued from the chapel he should run to the back of the building. There he would see a leaden tomb which he should hide behind.

Behind the tomb he would find a small bottle. When the beast came for him he was to throw the contents of this over the head of the beast. When the clock struck eleven he heard the dreadful scream of the beast as it burst through the chapel door. Standing to one side La Rose waited until it was clear of the doorway then darted behind it through the door and ran to the back of the chapel. Just as the voice had advised him he found a leaden tomb which he hid behind and behind the tomb he found a small bottle and pulled out its stopper.

The beast quickly turned and gave chase and was about to leap over the tomb when La Rose stood up to face it and threw the contents of the bottle over its head. The beast howled horribly and thrashed and writhed on the floor.

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The chapel shook but eventually everything calmed down and stood before him was the most beautiful princess. La Rose then took the princess to the Old King who was delighted to have his daughter back. He was so grateful that he begged him to marry his daughter which La Rose was also pleased to agree to. It came to pass that one day as the new king it was his duty to inspect the regiments of his army.

The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town
The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town
The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town
The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town
The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town The Sick & Sombre Tales of Sinister Town

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