Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2)

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In a basement on the outskirts of town, police detectives unearth piles of skeletons. As they learn the shocking truth about each victim's identity, their case collides with Andi's, revealing a killer's ruthless plot and a chilling, lethal endgame. Wow, what a thriller this book is, no surprise as Nancy Bush writes a suspenseful story line. I love books that hold my attention and if I can't figure out a book till the end, I can't put it down.

Action, intrigue, high-stakes tension and a vivid, distinctive villain make this story a page-turner. A note left on her bed and a personal threat have Andi Wren going to see private investigator Luke Denton for help in taking down the Carrera brothers, ruthless business rivals who she believes are responsible. Soon, the Laurelton PD is involved, and along with them, Luke and Andi get closer to discovering a dark and dangerous truth.

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It was originally published as Tangled in the early 90s under the pseudonym Nancy Kelly. I'm delighted that it's finally available again in this repackaged edition. Everyone in Wagon Wheel, Oregon, knew that Thomas Daniels was a mean, violent man, twisted by liquor and hate.

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His stepdaughters, Dinah, Denise, and Hayley, knew it better than anyone. And then, with one desperate act, their lives changed forever. All three sisters--Dinah, a respected journalist, acclaimed actress Denise, and Hayley, hungry for her own chance at stardom--find their lives intersecting and unraveling again. And piece by piece, they'll confront the truth about that deadly night--and the dark secrets that could turn one of them into a killer.

With its new title and new cover, You Don't Know Me feels like a whole new book to me--one I hope you will enjoy as much as I do! Nancy Bush. Small towns can hold big, dark secrets. And her turn is coming, as he prepares to make his mark once more…. In her latest, Bush brings us mystery and suspense, seamlessly interweaving various storylines.

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Jordanna and Dance are complex, sympathetic characters. The incorporation of existing characters from her past novels gives a natural authenticity to her story. Add a terrifying villain with a passionate cause, and this story is one thrilling read. Journalist Jordanna Winters helps him escape from the hospital, because she thinks he is in danger, and takes him to her family home outside of Rock Springs, Ore. Once there, Jordanna and Dance try to determine who is behind the bombing. Now it is crucial that they find the killer.

Zebra, Jul. Callie Cantrell has only fragmented memories of the car accident that killed her husband and son. One year later, she's still trying to start over, yet she can't shake her unease. Especially when former LA cop West Laughlin barges into her life, searching for his young nephew.

At first he thinks Callie's lying about who she is and what she knows. But soon it's clear that Callie and West are linked by a killer who has bent others to his twisted will. The worst night of Callie's life was just the beginning of his vengeance. And when her turn comes again there will be no escape. New York Times bestselling authors Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, and Rosalind Noonan unite their talents in this riveting novel of family secrets, obsession, and murder A Killer's Patience Twenty years ago, a fire ravaged the Dillinger family's old homestead, killing Judd Dillinger and crippling his girlfriend.

Most people blamed a serial arsonist who'd been seen around town. But strange things are happening in Prairie Creek, Wyoming, again. Will Be Rewarded Ira Dillinger, the family's wealthy patriarch, has summoned his children home for his upcoming wedding. Eldest son, Colton, and his siblings don't approve of their father's gold-digging bride-to-be. But someone is making his displeasure felt in terrifying ways, setting fires just like in the past.

Only this time, there will be no survivors. In Blood As fear and distrust spread through Prairie Creek, soon all the Dillingers, and those closest to them, are targets--and suspects. A killer has been honing his skill, feeding his fury, and waiting for the moment when the Dillingers come home--to die. She senses their twisted desires before she meets them.

Someone is eliminating suspected sexual predators. Racing to predict the next target, September finds herself drawn into a harrowing and deeply personal case.

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For this time, there are no innocents—only the one who kills, and those condemned to die. Add to that steady pacing, expert storytelling and a strong heroine, and what you get is an irresistible thrill ride that only Bush can create. In the series, she is shown as a gentle woman of upper middle age, sweet on her granddaughter, and typically wearing a purple dress and large white apron over her front and having two hair pins to maintain her hairstyle.

She is hired by Scrooge as a nanny for the nephews in the third part of the pilot episode, not asking for any payment other than a shelter for herself and Webby. In the series, her character is more down-to-earth than the other residents of McDuck Manor, often offering advice to Scrooge and the ducklings. She is much more resourceful than the version, and has worked for Scrooge for years prior to the series' start.

Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2) Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2)
Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2) Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2)
Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2) Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2)
Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2) Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2)
Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2) Trio of Evil (The Dugan Chronicles Book 2)

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