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August product reviews: Deception network tools

There is no reason for end users to interact with decoy assets in a production environment.. So, if they do, organizations can be certain they have malicious intentions.

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  • August product reviews: Deception network tools.
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Dynamic deceptions that change with an environment and keep pace with attackers, force adversaries to spend more time in networks and maintain their interest through enticing decoys and breadcrumbs. By keeping attackers engaged in the network longer, organizations have more time to observe their behavior, contain threats and remediate gaps in security plans to prevent further intrusions. Vendors in this space each take different approaches on deception.

Deception can take many different forms! | HASTAC

From hardware- and software-based solutions to the types of deceptions deployed, all of the technologies deliver enough hassle to throw off even the most seasoned red teamer. Although they share the same goal, these products differ from each other with unique features that reflect their own signature touch on approaching deception. Despite the relative newness of the space, innovations and developments have evolved exponentially, and effective detection and response already are woven into these products.

IoT deceptions are also beginning to trickle into this space, and, appropriately so, as they continue to play a larger role in enterprise environments.

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With decoys indistinguishable from reality, detection and response capabilities, threat hunting support, and rapid growth in this space, these deception network tools merit watching. At SC Labs, we are interested to monitor the continued growth of this area.


Although still considered a newer space, the exponential improvements and innovations we have seen in deception network tools, even just in the last year, are impressive. Honeypots are not new concepts and have been around for some time. Previously, they were intended to gather information on attacks that could be analyzed for a better and more thorough understanding of their approaches, behaviors and capabilities.

Over time, their mission has changed from purely information gathering and analytics tools, to those that can be used to turn that knowledge into actionable information to form protection and prevention security measures. That evolution resulted in the birth of decoy systems to emulate a variety of connected technologies. Fast forward to , deception network tools have reached a staggering level of sophistication and efficiency.

The premise of the historical honeypot and first decoy systems remain visible in the products tested here; however, their capabilities and realism have made them, in some cases, completely indistinguishable from real assets and environments. Decoys almost exclusively are now created by leveraging machine learning technology that studies an environment and its real assets to emulate them with decoys indistinguishable from production assets.

Deception in psychotherapy: Frequency, typology and relationship

Even more impressive is the dynamic nature of the decoys that allows them to adapt and change as an environment changes, so that realism is maintained consistently and throughout. Durrwachter died in You see the love and compassion that they have for each other.

You also see the problems that all of them have. In addition to producing the film, Angelo plays Devon during his adult years and says the role was one where he got to grow.

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Jay put his heart and soul into this film and it shows. While the film will premiere at the Santa Fe Film Festival, Angelo says it will also be shopped around to other film festivals.

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    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception
    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception
    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception
    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception
    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception
    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception
    Woven in Deception Woven in Deception

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